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Local SEO services

Local SEO services alone is complex and involve plenty of proper strategies and tactics, in order to optimize web pages from the content and technical point of view. Like this, it will be easier for a portal to appear on the first spots respecting a search result in a search engine as Google.

With such complexity, SEO optimization is something that is better to be left to actual professionals, and this is when SEO company comes in as Ca Design Studio.

Let’s address everything about SEO in terms of concept and advantages as an imperative digital marketing tool to apply today. Then, let’s focus on SEO services provided by specialized digital marketing agencies like ourselves, covering the objectives and services they provide.

Why is it a good idea to apply SEO?

General and specific SEO strategies are imperative to be applied on a website these days, regardless of their type. Whether the site is an ecommerce platform, a blog, a brand ´s page or an information portal, all of them required to be optimized based on SEO tactics.

If not, the website will lose organic traffic, visibility and the opportunity to reach a wider audience through the SERPs. According to Moz, at least 71% of users click results in the first page only, a percentage that has been increasing over the last few years up to 90%.

What this means is, if respecting any user´s query or consult online using a search engine the page is ranked in the second, third or fourth result page, probabilities of being visited are reduced drastically. This is why; search engine optimization strategies are critical to use.

When a website meets parameters and signals that are relevant and correspond to the search engine´s algorithm and what it considers important for ranking, traffic, visibility, visits and conversion will likely to increase exponentially.

SEO agencies specialize in knowing signals and parameters and the related strategies to improve websites, with such conditions in mind for successful marketing campaigns. It should not be forgotten that Search Engine Optimization is one of the aspects that digital marketing covers.

SEO Company

The way businesses promote their services and products has changed forever. Now, advertising strategies are carried out through online platforms; webpages, applications, social media, and other internet-based services on which people spend most of their time on. Users entertain themselves, communicate, and find and purchase products anywhere using their smartphones.

Taking advantage of such reality, directing, and emphasizing advertisement on these online platforms to target audiences and get potential clients is what digital marketing is all about. And, among the many aspects, this type of marketing addresses, SEO is one of the most important as the way content, in general, can be optimized to be found easier.

We are the #1 SEO Company

Before diving in into how an SEO Company works and the different services they provide to boost organic traffic, visibility, and ultimately sales in the form of conversion, explaining the actual concept of SEO would be valuable.

In detail, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization as the set of different comprehensive strategies that help webpages to appear in the first places of the SERP or Search Engine Result Page.

While SEO tactics help optimizing websites in relation to Google as the main search engine due to its user share, a proper digital marketing agency will design campaigns that cover other search engines.

Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo are other online search engine platforms that have their own user share, growing every day. Therefore, optimizing web pages according to such engines´ algorithms is becoming relevant and worthy of being considered.

Specifically, SEO  addresses every aspect of the website from the technical to the content perspective, with each feature optimized and enhanced to improve the portal’s positioning on its search results.

Usually, SEO Company is divided into two main categories: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Such categories address different strategies that improve websites in terms of internal and external signals, respectively. We will address On-page SEO and Off-page SEO in more detail later in this article.

On another part, search engine optimization tactics evolve over time. SEO Company as Ca Design Studio is aware of this, improving tactics and SEO strategies with the corresponding changes in search engines´ algorithms and what is considered relevant or a signal.

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Advantages and benefits of SEO Company

Business owners often have doubts about respecting investing in SEO Company or not. According to the many benefits it provides, optimization for search engine results is outstanding and even mandatory if the intention is to have a competitive business and website.

Some advantages SEO strategies offer are:

Increase in Organic Traffic

The biggest advantage SEO Company has is increasing organic traffic. A properly optimized website will be ranked on the highest spots of the ranking, boosting up visibility and high-quality visits.

High-quality traffic means visits from actual humans and potential users and customers, who are looking for information, a product, service or any other online solution the website and business already provides.

Targeted and Customer-centered

Through different strategies like keyword investigation and content optimization, SEO Company allows targeting appropriate audiences with the different queries related to the specific business industry.

Therefore, the revenue increases and the ROI or return on investment is faster. ROI is usually a very important aspect of any digital marketing and SEO campaign. A good strategy focused on increased visibility, traffic and conversion leads to faster return of the resources invested.

Credibility and trust

Through backlinks and general link building strategies as main SEO Company tactics applied on websites, the platform acquires credibility and trust in their corresponding niche, and therefore for the customers, too.

Permanent Marketing

Good SEO Company means permanent marketing. Good content, relevant keywords, and other aspects of optimization work 24/7 respecting finding traffic and potential clients. SEO is a long-term practice, and it does not depend on budget like PPC or Pay per Click.

Other benefits of SEO are faster ROI or return of investment, entire marketing funnel targeting, user experience optimization, loyalty, and awareness-building tactics, and more.

Specialized businesses in search engine optimization strategies

SEO Company

As it can be seen clearly so far, SEO Company is a complex set of strategies that covers every aspect of a website, in order to optimize it technically and content-wise.

In summary, such improvement allows the portal to receive more visitors, increase traffic and improve conversion through specifically designed content and tactics that boost awareness and loyalty.  

But, who is able to apply the strategies to actually see and enjoy such results in the short, mid, and long term? The answer is SEO agencies.

An SEO Company is a specialized business that focuses specifically on Search Engine Optimization strategies, as a relevant aspect of general digital marketing.

In detail, an Company of this type will be able to design and carry out strategies to improve websites from an SEO perspective.

This basically involves all aspects of the platform: crawling and indexation, content quality, links, code, user experience, security, media quality, and others, by following directives that go along with the search engine’s algorithm.

Now, Search Engine Optimization companies will not only be capable of applying improvements and boosting digital marketing campaigns but also measure their impact through proper resources and platforms.

Ca Design Studio is an SEO Company, capable of carrying out any of the aforementioned processes.

We follow a custom approach when designing and applying different SEO strategies, which must follow the website’s concrete needs, owner’s unique purposes, and goals to achieve with the applied tactics.

What are the objectives of an SEO Company brand and Company?

In order to improve customers´ websites at every level that relates directly to search engine optimization, SEO agencies carry out a series of steps and processes.

Such tasks allow auditing, evaluating, optimize and measuring performance before and after applying different strategies. Let’s address them thoroughly:

We understand Google very well

Guaranteed Results

Outstanding agencies at the moment they get contacted by clients who want to improve and optimize their websites, the first thing they will talk about is audit and evaluation.

More specifically, an audit is the set of tasks that will allow the experts to know the current condition a website is having respecting SEO Company. Then, according to the results and status, designing a campaign to address, enhance and improve weak points will be possible.

Among other things, analyzing your website involves checking mobile-friendly design, security, user experience and speed, content and its quality or lack thereof, link building status, media optimization for photos, videos and banners, scheme markup condition and more.

Knowing the weaknesses the website might have at the initial point allows coming up with an action plan and optimization process. Like this, addressing every aspect with a corresponding tactic can be done.

For instance, if a mobile-friendly design is missing it might affect user experience, so add it would be critical. In the same way, when lack of authority links is an issue, carrying link-building strategies is a must to improve the domain’s authority as such a strong algorithm’s signal.

Measuring impact and performance given by SEO tactics is important and one of the tasks SEO in SEO Company carried out. For this purpose, a different set of tools are used that we will name later in the On-Page and Off-Page SEO sections.  

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SEO basics: Practices to be done first

The SEO Company basics integrate the foundation of the entire search engine optimization practices, ensuring a successful start. Therefore, this type of SEO is mandatory for any Company to provide a good quality service. SEO basics strategies include:

The Google Search Console is an imperative tool to get more insight into the webpage’s performance in many aspects. From checking crawling conditions and showing sites linking yours to solve problems respecting AMP and indexation, the GSC is an important resource to count on.

This is Google’s official marketing analytics tool, which shows data on users accessing the site in terms of location, amount of visitors, CTR, rebound rate, and more. Google Analytics offers the useful feature of delivering status reports, and it can be linked with the GSC.

If a website happens to run under WordPress as CMS, installing useful SEO plugins is possible that add functionalities. Yoast is a great example of a great SEO-centered plugin that helps optimize content to be published.

A sitemap is a list of the different URL addresses that are considered main ones respecting content, with the canonical following them. In this way, Google’s crawlers will know which pages to crawl and index and which do not. Sitemaps usually submit under XML format and integrate in the GSC.

The robot.txt file tells web crawlers which files and pages should and should not be requested. This is a mandatory file to have, even when the intention is not to prevent certain pages or website sections to be crawled. Usefully, the robot.txt file can have a reference of the sitemap, which is recommended.

Technical SEO refers to the set of configurations at a website and server level that optimize and ensure pages to be properly crawled and indexed by search engines. Such settings address many aspects of the website to improve ranking placement and SERP, and related practices are:

Technical SEO: optimization focused on crawling and indexation

HTTPS migration

HTTPS website encryption is a strong ranking factor. Not having it implicates penalties and lower placement in SERPs, since the site is considered insecure. Ca Design Studio will make sure businesses´ online platforms meet this requirement, even performing a complete migration from HTTP to HTTPS.

Identify crawling errors

Excluded and canonicalized pages are common crawling errors in a website. It is possible that valuable pages with high-quality content are not crawled properly. With GSC is possible to find and fix crawling errors and we help you do it.  

Site Speed

Site speed matters, as a key factor for a user experience that at the same time is a ranking factor as a whole. We use SEMrush Site Audit Tool and PageSpeed Insights as specialized tools to achieve this goal. Your website should load completely in three seconds tops. No one waits for slow sites to load.

Broken link fixing

Broken links do not take the visitor to the intended page, negatively impacting user experience. Audit reports we perform show broken outbound and internal links, so we can fix them by correcting the target URL or remove them, if necessary.


The majority of users surf the internet using their mobile devices and smartphones. Therefore, a website should be mobile-friendly by showing content properly on smaller screens. If not, ranking and related organic traffic will be affected, due to Google's mobile-first indexing.

Short URL structure

Short and easy URLs will make the crawlers´ job way easier, boosting ranking and visibility since the robots can find and understand the website better. We make sure each URL is short enough and describes what is about, with no use of underscores.

Structured data

Structured data markup is another tool that helps crawlers understand and rank the website better, providing information that is structured semantically for people and organizations. The Structured Data Testing Tool by Google help to optimize this mandatory markup.

Page depth verification

The further a page is into the site, the less likely visitors and crawlers will access them properly, affecting user experience too. Pages should not be more than three clicks away, requiring flattening the site structure if so. Audit reports show pages not meeting these criteria.

Besides the aforementioned tools, other valuable platforms to use for technical SEO are: Google’s Mobile Friendly Test, Structure Data Markup Helper and Schema Markup Generator.

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Content: Primary tool to achieve user's content and generate traffic

Content is king. Consequently, it is very important to generate high-quality content that corresponds to the user’s intent, as the primary ranking signal search engines as Google have.

Similar to how it occurs with keywords, content integrates SEO-on-Page, but it is usually addressed as a proper own category, due to its relevance and complexity. We address content by optimizing the next parameters through different tactics:

User´s intent

Content should be written for the audience and users and not for the search engine. This is exactly what Google wants you to do, by following the user's intent or main purpose of the searcher to perform the query. Quality user's intent-centered content can be written following buyer persona data, allowing them to know what a specific audience needs.

Original content

Content always must be original and include keywords, at the same time answering to the user´s intent with high-quality resources and material. At Ca Design Studio, we have a staff of skilled content creators and writers who can help with this task, taking advantage of tools like SEO Writing Assistant.

H1 and H2

H1 headers should be used properly, as the mandatory tag, every page and article must have, including always the main keyword as well. Now, H2 or secondary headers help organize the content and may include long-tail and other key phrases.

Content audit

Tools like SEO Content Audit allow us to get rid of the useless, outdated, duplicate, low-quality content that does not add value to your platform. As drastically as it sounds, remove all of these content and replacing them with new, user's intent-focused, original, and that provide great value to searchers is the best for SEO purposes and results.

Off-Page SEO: External ranking factors and authority through link building

A general set of strategies respecting search engine optimization applied on a website must include off-page SEO mandatory. External factors are ranking signals that are very important at the moment of placing sites in the SERPs.

Along with content, search engines like Google classify the websites according to a query and entered keywords having greatly into account the site’s authority, or DA for domain authority.  

This is the influence the webpage and therefore business or company behind has on its corresponding industry, guaranteeing high-quality content delivery.

Our off-page SEO set of tactics at Ca Design Studio is designed to achieve the site’s authority on your platform, addressing backlinks, domain influence, and therefore trustworthiness, all through link-building techniques. Some strategies are:


A backlink is a link that connects a website's page to another on a different site, sort of connecting the content. This is done when content is considered relevant and high quality and therefore a site links it including a URL for user reference.

Backlinks are very important, and a link-building strategy always must include creating new backlinks through connections with other sites in the industry. They can be built by making high-quality content, reviews, and similar that ultimately give natural backlinks as a result.

Now, Backlinks can also be paid under self-promotion links, like being included on posts on other websites with high domain authority. SEMrush Backlink Audit y SemRush Backlink analytics are tools that help us assess the link status of the website.

Guest content

This is one of the best ways of achieving backlinks. With guest content, your website will get to have both a valuable backlink from an established portal with high domain authority, and referral users coming from that page that translates directly into organic traffic, awareness, and brand exposure.

A digital Company as Ca Design Studio will make sure to find suitable fellow sites that play in the same industry, which with time and effort have managed to obtain good authority and target audience's attention.

For guest content to work, it is imperative to be sure the destination website of the posts belongs to the same niche you are in, and such portal has a good DA score.

Social media

Sharing content using social media profiles is a great way to boost link building and off-page SEO in general. In this way, content and posts reach more potential readers to the actual post on the website and get valuable backlinks by platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which have a great DA score.

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