The most notable benefits of social networks for companies

Los beneficios más notables de las redes sociales para las empresas

Social networks are largely seen as means for recreation and communication between people by standard users. Companies, on the other hand, seek to extract a significant amount of value from the use of social networks that is profitable and tremendously useful to serve the cause, provided it is intelligently devised and managed. The central aspect of opportunity for businesses is that social networks the population that makes use of them is large and growing. This makes social networks a place worth exploring in by businesses. Below are the most notable benefits of using social media for the sake of business.

Brand Visibility

First, there is no better place for emerging companies and public organizations to increase their brand awareness among the public than social networks themselves. The ease of use of social networks makes it possible for promotional or news messages to spread very quickly. What is even more appealing is the fact that it is quite profitable and does not require monumental advertising and marketing budgets to achieve remarkable results. The nature of social media in particular, Facebook is such that people can share and share with, promotional messages and links and pages.

Studying the Market

It is quite easy to conduct marketing research using social networking tools. Such marketing practices are useful to understand the needs of customers and their expectations of various services and products that the business in question might be offering. From a practical point of view, conducting pilot studies is becoming easier and easier, which means that companies can understand and estimate the chances of success that their product or service has before continuing with full production and operation through the injection of large volumes of investment.

Customer Services

From an operational point of view, social networks can be a very useful way of carrying out customer services in an efficient way. With the passage of time as customers’ questions about the increase maintain and finally repeat, the social media page administers can place frequently asked questions section on the social media pages for customer education and even make a dedicated account for customers to come out for chat if they have other questions or queries. This can leave a fairly positive impression of the business that carries out these practices.

New opportunities

Companies are learning entities that can change their models as they go to make their operations increasingly profitable. Social media can be a difficult place for companies to understand, especially since there can be negative criticisms that contribute to defamation of the business in question. However, the same negative observations can be used by companies as things to improve and change their existing methods to the most acceptable and appreciated ones. So much so, it is sufficiently possible that companies can find new horizons, markets and even ideas for products and services on social networks.

Competitive analysis

The competition is always far from exploring and using the same resources as any business. Social media unlike other mass media provide a fairly level playing field for companies to compete. Trends that other competitors follow are highly visible in social media, and therefore interested companies can improvise and innovate their methods to stand out from the competition. The reaction time for companies is significantly reduced, as they can witness the practices and procedures of their competitors.


There is nothing like an affordable and efficient way to conduct sales of products and services, and social media does it better than anything else. The modern concept of referral sales has completely transformed the way goods and services are sold on the Internet. Affiliate marketing practices involve people who are active in social networks and can help companies in generating sales for the company in exchange for a certain percentage of profit to be shared with affiliates.


In the same way, once companies have made sales, social media allows them to get feedback on their product and service. This feedback can be private or public based on the nature of the company and can be used as a springboard for the business of interest to build upon itself. User feedback can be used to improve the product, service their delivery methods and thus avoid complaints from future customers. In addition, general assistance to customers can also be provided in the same way.

Leading Generation

With such a large user population, it’s not hard to assume that customers can easily be found. People with relevant interests can be quite easily located on the social networks that serve as potential customers and approaching them through targeted and specialized advertising can turn them into customers. What is even more fascinating is that social media through its highly innovative system and options allows users to be able to direct their marketing efforts to the audience that is most likely to become their audience which is also called as a marketing niche. This is more useful than the other electronic media marketing methods that works on the spray philosophy and pray that involves mass communication of advertising in the hope that some part of the communicated audience would make the purchase. In this way, marketing campaigns lose their effectiveness a lot as the public finds the ad rather repetitive and excessively generic. In addition to these mentioned benefits of using social media for companies and corporations, there are several other uses of social networks that companies can use based on their sheer improvisation and thinking

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